2nd July 2018


why it isn’t okay to refuse to serve same-sex couples based on religious reasons.

same-sex couples get refused service because they are not the “norm” and the god they serve says it is “wrong”  this is a violation of basic human rights. Same-Sex is defined as a relationship with the same sex also known as gay or lesbian relationships.

reason 1= To refuse a same-sex couple service is to refuse human beings their right to get what they need from a store in the Christian religion the god we/they serve is a god of love and acceptance and this part of our God is being ignored because of 1 line in the bible they are getting refused because they choose to live by one line, think of it this way would it be acceptable for a person who follows the Muslim religion to refuse to serve ham to those who eat it, a sexuality should not define who you have business with.

reason 2=

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