3rd July 2018

speech 2

Imagine waking up at an early hour of the morning to be told to pack your stuff and get ready to walk for days on end in hot conditions, after doing this and being tired; not knowing where you’re going or what you’re doing, you see your parent ripped away from you without an explanation just for trying to give you a better life; you are then put in a cage with people who are telling you what to do and where to go in a language you’re not familiar with,fear and confusion is the only feeling you know. hi my names Georgia and i will be presenting the fact we need to stop separating families at the border of America and Mexico.

Immigrants even if illegal are humans and trying to do their best to survive and instead of demonizing them and treating them like animals that have misbehaved; we as a society should welcome them and understand they had to get away from those conditions.  We let a law that is unjust effect our moral stance and conscience. Separating families is sure to cause long life mental illness in the kids and parents and this no doubt would end in suicide and hospitalization and we continue to ignore this fact because it was “illegal” to cross the border. The kids are being kept in cages with tinfoil to keep them warm while their parents face the court. Older siblings who have never had to be responsible for another person is now having to keep themselves mentally together while looking after their younger siblings who have no idea whats going on. Kids rely on their parents more than anyone else, they trust them to give them the best life possible and this is taken away from them in the blink of an eye for trying to do exactly that.  What if you had a kid and someone in your life got in trouble with a gang, it’s a bad area for your kids to grow up in or it’s simply just to expensive and an unhealthy household and you knew in America your family could build a better life; wouldn’t you risk it all for your kids happiness.

Once crossing the border Immigrants should be supplied a job and given stability until they can get back on their feet we should do this as we would do this for anyone that came to us for help right?  why do we turn our backs to them? we should treat them as if they were already part of our society, United Nations human rights experts said Trump’s policy of detaining children “may amount to torture”. This is how we are treating the kids aged 4-18, all because their parents wanted to give them a better life and these kids are also being denied their most basic human rights while having to defend themselves in court even if they do not have the knowledge on how to do so. These kids are being sent into foster care because their parents are demed unfit after the parents have defended themselves at court they are having to use dna testing to find their children again and putting the families back together.

We would not understand their suffering and what they are going through but this does not restrict our want to change the lives of others, in New Zealand and everyone is given a good shot at life, restarting, letting our kids have what they need and giving them the life they deserve this could not be said for those on the border of mexico and america and this is why we should fight for their human rights because they can’t. they are being torn of their basic human rights because they were following the instructions of the parents they trust,

These people are humans not animals and they deserve better treatment then they are getting, we turn our backs on those who need it most and this is why we need to help them and set them up for the better life they’re fighting for. Every one of us deserves to have access to not only our family but also our most basic human rights, so who are we to deny them the future and they are striving for?


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