14th August 2018

practice paragraph analysis

“describe at least one idea that changed your perspective or point of view in the film”

Unlike most other movies, Gattaca by Andrew Niccol does not beat around the bush when it comes to discrimination and prejudice behaviors and how being perfect doesn’t always bring happiness. In the film Gattaca, Jerome is faced with the penalties of being “perfect” he had perfect genes and a long life expectancy he was the ideal human, this idea of with perfectness comes happiness is challenged and this is what changed my perspective on the film.  In this movie they present the idea of prejudice against genetics, your health and life expectancy this is the harsh reality of what life is like for anyone whos not your normal person and the reality is all too real for a lot of people and that’s where they could relate to this movie it pushes boundaries and speaks upon topics everyone shies away from without making it obvious. 

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