Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Macduff and their army. 


Events: Malcolm is telling them to throw away the brunches and show who you are and is telling the plan and who will lead and what he will do. and Macbeth states that who was born from women because if none of you are then let’s fight. Young Siward goes up to Macbeth and talks to him and then states that he is born of women and he is not scared of any sword. And Macbeth’s people are slowly turning against him, Macbeth then states that why should he kill himself when he is so good at killing other people. Macbeth then states hes avoided him and he already feels guilty of killing his whole family, Macduff and Macbeth then get into a sword fight.  Macbeth then states that he might as well stab the air because he can’t be killed by women born and that this is pointless. and Macduff then states that he wasn’t born of women his mum had a  section meaning he was removed not born. and Macbeth then says you’ve scared away my courage and how the witches have tricked him with their wording. and Macduff said then surrender and let us cut off your head and stick it on a tyrant.  and then Macbeth states that he will not surrender and kiss the ground before Macduff and he will fight and this is when Macbeth is slain. 

Quotes: The devil himself could not pronounce a title More hateful to mine ear.”

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