2nd May 2018

Macbeth: Act 4: Scene 1

Characters: Witches, Hecit, Macbeth.

Location: A cavern

Events: The witches are making a spell or a brothel of some kind and hecit is congratulating them and Macbeth enters and asks what they are doing and they tell him to ask what he wants to ask and the witches go on to say what’s going in the brothel/ spell and then an apparition appears the first apparition states that Macbeth should beware of Macduff and to beware of the thane of fife Macbeth then confirms what he already knows and the witch states that you can’t command an apparition then the second apparition shows up and then Macbeth is being told he’s invincible and none of women born will harm Macbeth.  which means he now feels he is secure as king. Macbeth is told that Banquo’s children will become king. Macbeth then goes on to say that he will act upon instinct after he finds out macduff fled to england and he will kill macduff and all of macduff’s family.


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