20th March 2018

Macbeth Act 1: Scene 7

Characters:Lady Macbeth, Macbeth,

Location:A room in Macbeth’s castle

Time: Unknown

Events:While Lady Macbeth wants to go ahead with the plan to murder King Duncan, Macbeth does not feel the same, for he is the host of the dinner and the king had honoured him he was starting to second guess his wants and needs. Macbeth know’s what the right thing to do and he feels that he will not be a man for giving into a foul desire, he also fear’s failure and having to live with the punishments dealt, Lady Macbeth does not let failure be an option. After all the doubt Macbeth has gone through and second guessing the plan he chooses to go trough with killing the king and tells Lady Macbeth to continue being a lovely smiley hostess and hide what is to come.

Quote:”Justice, being equal to everyone”   ,  “I dare to do only what is proper for a man to do. He who dares to do more is not a man at all.”

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