In the Shakespearean play ‘Macbeth” many tools are utilised to convey the main theme and to convey the idea that Macbeth’s deterioration of the mind. Shakespeare uses a range of language features such as weak foots, metaphors, dramatic irony and more, these are all clever ways of expressing suppressed feelings, ambition and despair, throughout the play […]

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Macduff and their army.  Location: Events: Malcolm is telling them to throw away the brunches and show who you are and is telling the plan and who will lead and what he will do. and Macbeth states that who was born from women because if none of you are then let’s […]

Characters: Macbeth, Seyton,  Location: Dunsinane, Within the castle.  Events:Seyton tells Macbeth that the queen is dead, Macbeth then says that she was going to die later anyway and that the news was bound to come at some point. and how life is an illusion and told by an idiot. and then a messenger comes in […]

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward and his son, Macduff, Mentieth, Caithness, Angus, Lennox, Ross and Soldiers Location: Country near Dunsinane. A wood in view. Events: Macolm looks forward to a day where people will be safe in their own bedrooms. They’re gonna cut down a tree each and hold it in front of them as a […]

Characters: Servant. Macbeth, Seyton, Lennox. Location: Dunsinane, A room in the castle. Events:Macbeth faces the fact that he cannot look forward to an old age of comfort and respect, the servant is warning Macbeth that people are coming to kill him but this leaves him un-phased because the witches told him he was unkillable. The […]

Characters:Menteth, Cathness, Angus, , Lennoc and Soldiers.  Location: country near Dunsinane Events: A bunch of Scottish noblemen converge in the country near Dunsinane, where Macbeth keeps his castle. On their heels, heading for Birnam, is the English army, led by Malcolm, Malcom’s Uncle Siward, and Macduff. Quotes:   

Characters: Doctor, Gentle-Women, Lady Macbeth Location: Dunsinane, a room in the castle. Events: The doctor and the gentle- women are talking about Lady Macbeth walking in her sleep, they watch Lady Macbeth closely as she sleep walks they state that it looks like she was washing her hands for quarter of an hour, Lady Macbeth […]

Characters:Malcom, Macduff Events: In England, Duncan’s son Malcolm tests the loyalty of his newest recruit, Macduff. By demeaning his own nobility and professing himself to be a greater tyrant than Macbeth, Malcolm hopes to goad Macduff into an open display of his loyalties. This attempt at reverse psychology has its desired effect. Macduff is thrown into a fit of anger against […]

Characters: Lady Macduff, Lady Macduff’s Son, Rosse. Location: dunno Events: At Fife, in Macduff’s castle, Lady Macduff is lamenting to Ross that her husband has run away, which, sure makes him look suspicious.Lady Macduff then has a funny bit of banter with her young son about how his father is dead. He doesn’t believe her, […]

Characters: Witches, Hecit, Macbeth. Location: A cavern Events: The witches are making a spell or a brothel of some kind and hecit is congratulating them and Macbeth enters and asks what they are doing and they tell him to ask what he wants to ask and the witches go on to say what’s going in […]