The 1930’s was tough for women, people of colour and the poor , due to the great depression and relentless prejudice, this is presented in the novel “To kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The idea’s of prejudice is present throughout the whole book through the racism, sexism and classism. the scene heavily presents the […]

“describe at least one idea that changed your perspective or point of view in the film” Unlike most other movies, Gattaca by Andrew Niccol does not beat around the bush when it comes to discrimination and prejudice behaviors and how being perfect doesn’t always bring happiness. In the film Gattaca, Jerome is faced with the penalties […]

Angle 1: Car High angle Shot 1: Long shot Angle 2: Vincent Low angle Shot 2: Mid shot Angle 3:Jerome Level angle Shot 3: Mid shot Angle 4: Vincent Low angle Shot 4: Mid shot Angle 5: Jerome Level angle Shot 5: Mid shot Angle 6: Vincent Level angle   Shot 6: Mid shot Angle […]

Imagine waking up at an early hour of the morning to be told to pack your stuff and get ready to walk for days on end in hot conditions, after doing this and being tired; not knowing where you’re going or what you’re doing, you see your parent ripped away from you without an explanation […]

why it isn’t okay to refuse to serve same-sex couples based on religious reasons. same-sex couples get refused service because they are not the “norm” and the god they serve says it is “wrong”  this is a violation of basic human rights. Same-Sex is defined as a relationship with the same sex also known as gay […]

In the Shakespearean play ‘Macbeth” many tools are utilised to convey the main theme and to convey the idea that Macbeth’s deterioration of the mind. Shakespeare uses a range of language features such as weak foots, metaphors, dramatic irony and more, these are all clever ways of expressing suppressed feelings, ambition and despair, throughout the play […]

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Macduff and their army.  Location: Events: Malcolm is telling them to throw away the brunches and show who you are and is telling the plan and who will lead and what he will do. and Macbeth states that who was born from women because if none of you are then let’s […]

Characters: Macbeth, Seyton,  Location: Dunsinane, Within the castle.  Events:Seyton tells Macbeth that the queen is dead, Macbeth then says that she was going to die later anyway and that the news was bound to come at some point. and how life is an illusion and told by an idiot. and then a messenger comes in […]

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward and his son, Macduff, Mentieth, Caithness, Angus, Lennox, Ross and Soldiers Location: Country near Dunsinane. A wood in view. Events: Macolm looks forward to a day where people will be safe in their own bedrooms. They’re gonna cut down a tree each and hold it in front of them as a […]

Characters: Servant. Macbeth, Seyton, Lennox. Location: Dunsinane, A room in the castle. Events:Macbeth faces the fact that he cannot look forward to an old age of comfort and respect, the servant is warning Macbeth that people are coming to kill him but this leaves him un-phased because the witches told him he was unkillable. The […]